Upgraded KVM

Silver, Gold or Platinum - what do you prefer?

Upgraded KVM you can choose Linux server which will be best for you. Do you like Linux server? Then one of our plans should make you happy.

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New Dedicated F1010

Hello Monday and New DATACLUB SERVICE!

F1010 is Dedicated server with following specification:

CPU: Intel i3-10100

RAM: 16 GB

Disk: 1 x 512GB SSD

Traffic: Unlimited

Datacenter: LV

Package name: F1010

Delivery: 24h

Core: 4 / 8

Order here:

BLACK FRIDAY comes soon

Get 50% off for a new order with promocode: BLACKDC20. Special offer for Secret Edition subscription. Waiting you in our store 27/11/2020.

August news from DATACLUB

A portion of
fresh news from DATACLUB especially for you.

are changing, developing for
our clients can comfortable use
the portal, receive services at competitive prices.

time we got to dedicated servers. Now the section "Dedicated
Servers" on the site looks completely different.

1. A section with
budget servers has appeared. The prices are really tasty, see for

2. In the Pro tab,
servers for professionals are available

3. And the cherry on
the cake is His Majesty Auction. You can buy a dedicated server
starting from € 21. If you have time!

up to grab the best offer on