Black Friday starts soon!

Take 80% discount for all services for the first month of the payment. Promocode: BF80

KVM Package price and resources

Price and resources has been changed. For example: now you can buy server in Sweden for only 19,99 EUR with 500GB HDD space and 8GB of RAM or VPS KVM in Sweden with 2TB HDD and 32GB of RAM for only 49,99 EUR.

We start to move our website from to new domain

Buy servers using Bitcoin

Bitcoin has come a long way, from just being “magic Internet money” to a widely used and accepted payment system. Bitcoin presents multiple advantages over traditional payment methods. These include lower network fees, maintenance costs, and no charge-backs.

Mikrotik: Cloud Hosted Router

We have an option to order virtual server with Mikrotik installed on it. Cloud Hosted Router. You can order service with your own License or buy it with us. That is a great option to build VPN and others services that support Mikrotik. It is fantastic product made in Latvia